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-====== How to manage files with a browser ====== 
-You can access your files on https://​cloudshare.gwdg.de. Login with your Email and password. 
-After successful login you are at the "​Home"​ level of your account and get the list of your folders as well as the menu on the left side. 
-===== Creating folders, uploading files ===== 
-  - While on the "​Home"​ level of your account clicking on the folder icon in the top left corner of the folder list lets you cerate a new folder. 
-  - Enter a name of the folder and create it. Once created you automatically change into the empty, new folder. You can use the same button to create subdirectories within this folder. 
-  - To upload files to this folder either drag them into the marked area or click the area to select your files. Upload will start immediately. 
-===== Deleting files, folders, restoring content ===== 
-  - To delete an individual file just click the "​X"​ right of its name. The file will be deleted immediately and disappear. Keep in mind that this also affects clients connected to this folder. 
-  - To recover a recently deleted file click on the "Show deleted files" button on the tool bar in the top right corner of the file list. Recently deleted files are shown as grayed out entries with a green arrow. Clicking on the green arrow will restore the file immediately. This also effects connected clients. 
-  - These actions also apply to subdirectories. 
-  - To delete a complete folder click on the "​X"​ right of its name while on the "​Home"​ level of your account. Confirm deletion by acknowledge the warning message and the folder will be deleted immediately. Deleting a folder is irreversible. Connected clients loose access to the now deleted folder and synchronization of content stops but the files remain on the devices. 
-===== Sharing content ===== 
-Content can be shared with specific users or anonymous access can be enabled. 
-Sharing is possible by either enabling others to access a whole folder or by creating links to a folder or file and share these links. 
-==== Invite users to folders ==== 
-  - To start sharing a folder with another user click on the "​Invite"​ icon right of a folder name in the "​Home"​ level of your account or on the top right tool bar when inside a folder. 
-  - You see a list of users that are currently members of this folder. To share it with a new user enter his or her Email address and click "​Add"​ to add it as a new member to this folder. Note that by default the new user gets Read/Write access to the folder and receives an invitation email. 
-==== Share contents through links ==== 
-  - To share a folder through a simple link click its "​Share"​ icon right of the folder name while in the "​Home"​ view of your folder list. 
-  - Link sharing options are opened in a new window. Here the link can be copied to the clipboard, sent via Email, deleted again or configured with a download and availability threshold. 
-  - Sharing of individual files or subdirectories within a folder works the same way. 
-  - Note that disabled links are not deleted, only access to the shared content via link is removed. 
-  - To get an overview of your shared links and delete them visit "​Links"​ in the menu on the left.