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Migration to ownCloud

Background information

The file synchronization service GWDG Cloud Share will be phased out starting March 2018 and switched off at the beginning of 2019. With GWDG ownCloud, the GWDG offers all users a file synchronization service based on ownCloud. GWDG ownCloud meets the same requirements as GWDG Cloud Share, so that both services will be fused into GWDG ownCloud in 2018 for a more efficient operation and better user support.

How long can GWDG Cloud Share still be used?

GWDG Cloud Share can still be used as usual until April 2018. Quota increases are no longer possible. From May 2018 onwards, new and invited users can still register for the service, but no longer receive quota. This means that as of May 2018, new users can no longer create their own folders, but can continue working in the folders of other users. For already registered users nothing changes yet. From the beginning of October 2018, the quota will be withdrawn from all users of the service. At the end of 2018 the servers of the service will be shut down.

What happens to your data in GWDG Cloud Share?

Access to all data will be possible until the end of 2018. Working with your existing data and inviting other users to your folders will still be possible until the beginning of October 2018. With the deactivation of the service at the beginning of 2019 all data will be deleted, access will then no longer be possible.


Users can initiate the migration themselves via a special website. This requires only a few steps.

1. Log in to GWDG ownCloud to ensure that you have an account with this service and that it is correctly set up. If you do not have an account, you can find out about the modalities here.

2. Open the migration website. Enter the e-mail address with which you are registered with Cloud Share into the corresponding field and click the button “Migrate”.

3. An e-mail with further instructions will be sent to the e-mail address used with Cloud Share.

4. This e-mail contains a link that triggers the migration of your data. Click on the link or copy it into a browser and open it.

5. You will be redirected to the migration website. A notification appears, saying that your data will now be transferred.

6. As soon as the migration process is completed, you will be notified by e-mail. The duration depends on your data volume. After the successful migration you will find your transferred data in ownCloud in a folder named “migrate”.

Use of GWDG ownCloud

For further information on GWDG ownCloud, e.g. the setup of the client, please click here.

If you share data with other Cloud Share users, they will be notified of the migration via email. This e-mail contains links to access the shares in ownCloud.

To import this link, please log in first with GWDG ownCloud.

After successful login open the URL from the mail.

In the field “Add to your ownCloud” enter “”.

Confirm that this link should be imported.

Internal logic checks if this link was generated by the powerfolder migration process and changes the URL into an ownCloud-share, this process can take up to a minute.

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