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 +====== Starting the TSM server in Maintenance mode ======
 +staring with TSM 7 you can start a TSM intance in //​maintenance mode// which suppresses client session, automatically starting scripts ...
 +  * starting the instance as //root// -- ''​-q''​ indicates the //quite// mode, so **without an admin shell**<​code>/​opt/​tivoli/​tsm/​server/​bin/​rc.dsmserv -u <​USER>​ -i <​Instance Home> -q MAINT</​code>​
 +  * starting the instance as //root// -- the missing of ''​-q''​ indicates the //console// mode, so **with an admin shell** in the foreground<​code>/​opt/​tivoli/​tsm/​server/​bin/​rc.dsmserv -u <​USER>​ -i <​Instance Home> MAINT</​code>​