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   * [[en:​services:​storage_services:​backup:​tsm:​admin:​diskperfmon| IBM's diskperf tool -- link and remarks]]   * [[en:​services:​storage_services:​backup:​tsm:​admin:​diskperfmon| IBM's diskperf tool -- link and remarks]]
 +===== operational documentation =====
 +In this section we start the documentation of the Spectrum Protect Operation at GWDG (as long as it's not confidental)
 +  * [[en:​services:​storage_services:​backup:​tsm:​admin:​opdoc:​installation| Installation and configuration of SP servers ]]
 +  * [[en:​services:​storage_services:​backup:​tsm:​admin:​opdoc:​errorsituation| Error: Approaches and solutions to cope with]]
 ===== useful links ===== ===== useful links =====