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-====== ​VPN for Android ​devices ​====== +====== ​Cisco AnyConnect (Android====== 
-This guide shows you how to set up an VPN connection running ​Android ​operating system using AnyConnect App. +Here you can find instruction for setting ​up Cisco'​s //​AnyConnect//​ app for using GWDG'​s ​VPN service on Android ​devices
-To set up the VPN connection, your device must be connected to the Internet.  +
 <WRAP center round important 80%> <WRAP center round important 80%>
-Depending on your Android version ​and device ​vendor, the menu may look different. ​Due to the variety ​of systems, the compatibility issues may be not present. The search for the suitable App may turn no results or you may be asked to grant another permission or even root privileges to an app.+Depending on the Android ​firmware ​version ​on your device, the menu may look different. ​Compatibility is given for Android versions 4 and higher (as of March 2020)
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-===== Install an App ===== +===== Installation ​===== 
-You can download a Cisco AnyConnect App from your devices’ App Store, in the search field type in “AnyConnectCisco offers brand-specific VPN clients for supported devices, e.gSamsung AnyConnect, please verify that the Application is offered by Cisco before installationIn the App descriptions you will find the information on the App provider, model and Android version supported. +You can find the free app //AnyConnect// [[https://​play.google.com/​store/​apps/​details?​id=com.cisco.anyconnect.vpn.android.avf|here at Google Play Store]]. Alternativelysearch for //​anyconnect//​ in Google Play Store and choose the app offered by //Cisco Systems// that is suitable for your device.
-\\ +
-The following steps were done with a mobile device running Android v.5.0.2.  +
-{{ :​en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_1.install.jpg?​300 ​|Cisco AnyConnect}} +
-\\ +
-To install the Appklick on **Install** button ​and agree with User Terms and License Agreements+
-{{ :​en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_2.permissions.jpg?​300 | Cisco Any Connect App Permissions}} +The following screen shots show the set up on an Android 9 deviceMost of the steps include imagesTo display ​the respective screenshot, click on //​screenshot//​.
-\\ +
-Launch ​the App from the App list, after you have installed it. +
-{{ :​en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_3.applist.jpg?​300 | Cisco Any Connect}}  +
-\\ +
-===== Set up a new VPN Connection ===== +
-First tap on a Connection field, to set up a new VPN connection.\\ +
-{{ :​en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_4.connection.jpg?​300 | Connections}} +
-\\ +
-In the next window klick on **Add New VPN Connection**.+
-{{ :​en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_5.new-.connection.jpg?​300 |Add New VPN Connection}} +1Install ​the app and open it.++ (Screenshot) ​
-\\ +{{ :de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​01.png |Cisco AnyConnect}} ++
-Click on the **Server Address** field and type in: ''​vpn.gwdg.de''​ +
-{{ :​en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_6.server-adress.jpg?​300 ​VPN Server Adress settings}} +
-\\ +
-To store the Server Adress for VPN connection click **OK**. +
-{{ :en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_6.server-adress1.jpg?​300 ​VPN Server Adress}} +
-\\ +
-Now you can add a description for a current VPN connection. Click **Done** to close the dialog.+
-{{ :en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_7.done.jpg?​300 ​Cisco AnyConnect configuration done}} +2. On first start, the License Agreement pops up. You have to accept it in order to use the app. 
-\\ + 
-Tap on the name of the newly created connection+3. Depending on your Android version you may be asked to give the permission for making calls to //​AnyConnect//​. It is necessary that you accept this in order to make the VPN work. ++ (Screenshot) | 
-Slide now the VPN Connector to turn on the VPN connection. ​\\ +{{ :de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​05.png |Give permissions}} ++ 
-You will be asked for the username ​and password. \\ +  
-**Note:** you cannot store your user credential in the current version ​of the Cisco AnyConnect App\\ +4. Click on //​Connection//​.++ (Screenshot) | 
-{{ :en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_8.authentication.jpg?​300 ​Authentication ​}} +{{ :​de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​06.png |}} ++ 
-\\ + 
-To log in use your username and password in one of the following forms+5. Click on //Add new VPN connection//.++ (Screenshot) | 
-<WRAP center round box 100%> +{{ :​de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​07.png |}} ++ 
-|  <user.name>​@|**stud.uni-goettingen.de** |Student Accounts | + 
-|  <​user>​@|**gwdg.de** GWDG Accounts | +6. Click on //Server address// ​and enter **vpn.gwdg.de** or an alternative gateway such as **vpn-b.gwdg.de**.++ (Screenshot) | 
-|  <​user>​@|**uni-goettingen.de** |University Accounts|+{{ :​de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​10.png |}} ++\\ 
 +**We encourage you to use vpn-b.gwdg.de or vpn-c.gwdg.de as your gateway as vpn.gwdg.de is currently under heavy load and may work less reliably.** 
 +7. Enter a freely chosen description (name) for your VPN connection. Then click on //Done//. 
 +8. Click on the name of the newly created VPN connection.++ (Screenshot) | 
 +{{ :de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​13.png |}} ++ 
 +9. Activate ​the VPN by pressing the toggle.++ (Screenshot) | 
 +{{ :de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​14.png |VPN aktivieren}} ++ 
 +<WRAP center round important 80%> 
 +It is possible that you receive a warning about the VPN server not being trustworthy
 +In this case, please contact [[https://gwdg.de/support|our support]].
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-You will see at the start page of AnyConnect the status Connected.  +10. Enter your credentials. The //user name// is usually your email address or the user name of your accountThen click on //​Connect//​.++ (Screenshot) | 
-{{ :en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_connected.jpg?​300 ​AnyConnect connected}} +{{ :de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​16.png |}} ++ 
-\\ + 
-Click on **Details…** field to verify the connection detailslike connection status or IP address+11. If a dialogue is shown for //​Connection Request//press //OK//.++ (Screenshot) | 
-\\ +{{ :​de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​19.png |}} ++ 
-===== Additional Settings ===== + 
-In the case you get **Untrusted ​VPN server!** warning, some settings must be carried out. +The VPN is now activeYou can see a lock symbol in the status bar of your device.++ (Screenshot) | 
-Navigate to the Action Bar menu and choose **Settings**\\ +{{ :de:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​20.png |}} ++ 
-{{ :en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​anyconnect_settings.jpg?​300 ​|Any Connect Settings}} + 
-\\ + 
-Clear the checkbox of the option **Block untrusted servers**Go back through the navigation ​to the previous screen and tap again on the newly created connection.\\ +In order to disconnect, you can toggle ​the connection inside ​the app. 
-Security warning **Non-Trusted Certificate** should appear. Tap them on details and compare the SHA1 fingerprint line equals ​to the following fingerprint:​ \\ + 
-''​**1B:​45:​6E:​CB:​9C:​4C:​6F:​24:​1A:​C4:​C1:​DB:​62:​CF:​5C:​06:​CD:​12:​02:​78**''​ +It is not possible ​to save your password across multiple sessions
-\\ + 
-If the fingerprint is correct tap on **Import ​and Continue**\\ + 
-If the fingerprint does not match the fingerprint listed here, please contact the [[mailto:​support@gwdg.de|support@gwdg.de]]+===== Ongoing usage ===== 
-\\ +Depending ​on your Android version it may be possible ​to have the VPN active at all times. 
-Provide your username and password and tap on **OK**, to establish VPN Connection.+ 
 +1. Enter the network settings for your device and press on //​Network ​and Internet//
 +2Press on //VPN//
 +3. Press the gear on the right side of the menu that displays //​AnyConnect//​.
 +4. Choose //​Continuously activate VPN// and //Block connections without active VPN// if this is required.