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-====== GoeMobile ====== 
-The GoeMobile network is an unencrypted wireless network, so all data sent and received through this network may be intercepted 
-if it is not otherwise encrypted. It is recommended to either use the encrypted [[en:​services:​network_services:​eduroam:​start|eduroam]] network or a [[en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​start|VPN]] to achieve a secure connection. 
-=====How to connect===== 
-Connect to  the GoeMobile network and open your web browser on any page. You will be redirected to the login portal. 
-Use your credentials according to the username table below. 
-If you want to use a secure connection you can open a VPN connection after connecting to the GoeMobile network. 
-If a VPN connection is used you do not have to use the login portal to connect to the Internet. 
-For details on how to use the VPN see the article [[en:​services:​network_services:​vpn:​start|VPN]]. 
-===== Username Table ===== 
-<WRAP center round box 100%> 
-|  <​user.name>​@|**stud.uni-goettingen.de** |Students | 
-|  <​user>​@|**gwdg.de** | GWDG accounts| 
-|  <​user>​@|**uni-goettingen.de** |University employees |