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-====User migration in Active Directory==== 
-User migration into the Active Directory should start with making the backup of users' data and personal settings. The data backup should be done separately from the backup of the settings. To secure settings the various Windows operating systems provide various programs. 
-Since after logging in into the Active Directory a connection to GWDG [[en:​services:​storage_services:​file_service:​fileservice_ad:​start|personal storage]] is set as default, it is useful to save the current data and personal settings to a personal network drive. 
-To save the backed up data on the personal network drive, one should map a network drive manualy to the existing system. 
-Into the network drive storage one should copy data and documents. Users who are already registered as participants in the "​Active Directory"​ have 25 GB quota. The storage space can be increased at the request (email to [mailto:​support@gwdg.de|support@gwdg.de]]. 
-{{ :​de:​services:​network_services:​active_directory:​migration_in_ad:​rtemagicc_netzlaufwerk_01.png.png |}} 
-It is recommended to store the data and documents that you work currently with. The GWDG creates the "​Windows File Server"​ associated data regularly backup. Since this storage is located centrally, you can access it from any of "​GÖNET"​ network connected computer. these data also available e.g. from the domestic PC via established VPN connection. 
-By logging in to the "​GWDG"​ domain of the Active Directory, your personal space will be assigned to "My Documents"​. However the PC must be added to the domain first, thus the direct access to your backed-up data and settings is hereby provided.