Zoom is an alternative, fee-based cloud solution for web conferencing based in the USA.

The GWDG has temporarily acquired a limited number of licenses to be able to offer this service as well. Especially for meetings with confidential content we do not recommend zoom. For Meetings with less then 20 participants please use BigBlueButton instead.

We can create meetings in Zoom for a desired timeslot on request. Until we have an online form for this, you can send a request to webconf@gwdg.de. During our support hours we will set up a corresponding meeting for you as soon as possible.

We can also create moderator accounts for selected users, with which you can create as many meetings as you like with up to 300 participants. This offer is mainly addressed to IT representatives and/or IT managers. You can send a request to the GWDG by e-mail webconf@gwdg.de. However, due to the limited number of licenses, the GWDG reserves the right to examine the request. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to contact us.

We have to transfer the email address of the person requesting a license at Zoom when creating an organizer account. From there, an email with a URL will be automatically sent to the organizer to confirm it. Only after confirmation a license will be assigned. Please note that delays in the lower hour range cannot be excluded when sending the e-mail.

Once the account is confirmed in a browser window, the choice is offered to log in with a Google or Facebook account or with a password. Here the password login should be selected and a separate password should be set.

To start a web conference or join a web conference, it is necessary to download and start a client program after selecting the appropriate menu in the browser window. This software is available for all common operating systems.

You can invite participants by sending an email with a URL after setting up a web conference.

Zoom also offers the option to run so-called Meeting Connectors “on premises”, i.e. on servers of the GWDG. The GWDG has an environment for the GWDG (gwdg.zoom.us) and for the University of Göttingen (uni-goettingen.zoom.us). These two environments are currently in test operation. If you would like to participate in this test, please send an email to support@gwdg.de, so that we can activate your account. Click here for further information.

Client download

Terms of use

Zoom is easy to use and can be used for location-independent team meetings and short presentations as a web conference tool. Up to 100 persons can participate in a video/audio conference. Usually, in the basic version the duration of the meeting is limited to 40 minutes. However, due to the current situation, this limitation has been suspended, as logged in users can see in a notification on their profile page:

Important Notice: Zoom has removed the 40 minute time limit for schools affected by the Coronavirus. The meeting limit on your free Basic account has temporarily been lifted.“

Zoom is a good tool for students and learning groups for holding online meetings.

Hosting a meeting

  • Apply for the service at the GWDG according to the instructions above
  • Install client
  • 'Start a meeting' ideally with activated video
  • After the meeting window has opened, invite participants (via standard email service) or if the client is already installed, provide the meeting ID and meeting password to the participants.

Join the meeting

  • Install Client
  • At https://zoom.us/ 'join a meeting'
  • Join by meeting ID or meeting room name
  • Enter meeting ID and password (ask the organizer beforehand)

Country setting for dial-in numbers

The default country setting for the dial-in numbers is set to “Germany”. If this is not the case, then this can be changed with the moderator account as follows:

  • Login to zoom.us
  • Under 'My Account' on the left side of the admin area, click on 'Account Management'
  • Then select 'Account Settings'
  • Click on the heading 'Telephone'
  • At the very bottom of countries/regions for global dial-in click the pen to edit
  • Add/remove desired countries
  • Save

Privacy notice

Zoom is provided by a third party, the GWDG is only the administrator of the licenses. The use of Zoom requires the transfer of personal data (e-mail address) to a third party. The legal basis for this is a consent according to DS-GVO Art. 6 para. 1 letter a). By requesting the GWDG to assign a license to you, you are hereby performing the “unambiguously confirming act” required for consent.

In addition, there are some reports ([1], [2]) that the Zoom app sends data (time of use, iPhone model, time zone, location, mobile phone provider, a unique Advertising ID) to Facebook – even if no Facebook account has been used for registration. We track the reporting and will continuously update this information.

Further information on privacy can be found in Zoom's privacy notice.

[1] https://www.heise.de/mac-and-i/meldung/Bericht-Zoom-App-fuer-iOS-reicht-Daten-heimlich-an-Facebook-weiter-4691613.html

[2] https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/k7e599/zoom-ios-app-sends-data-to-facebook-even-if-you-dont-have-a-facebook-account

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