There are currently two workstations with iMacs available at the GWDG. With both Macs a variety of applications can be used, from video editing to word processing. You need a valid GWDG user account and password to log in.

27“ iMac (Mitte 2011) 20” iMac (Mitte 2007)
OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) OS X 10.8 (.2) (Mountain Lion)
2,8 GHz Intel Core i5 2 GHz Intel Core2Duo
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Adobe Creative Suite 5
IBM SPSS 20 iWork '09
iWork '09 iLife '11
iLife '11 Microsoft Office for Mac 2011
Microsoft Office for Mac 2008
Microsoft Office for Mac 2011
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