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 +====== Service ======
 +An overview of our services around the Mac.
 +===== Helpline =====
 +We offer a helpline on Monday and Wednesday from 1 to 3. Call us at +49 551 201-1830 for any questions concerning Macs and iOS. Usually we are also available outside these hours. You can also arrange an appointment with us, or email us at <​machelp@gwdg.de>​ or <​support@gwdg.de>​.
 +===== Workstations =====
 +At the GWDG, there are currently two Apple computers available, offering various office applications,​ layout programs and more.
 +[[en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_service:​mac_workstations|Click here for details]]
 +===== Mailing List =====
 +For questions, discussions,​ tips and tricks concerning the Mac and other Apple products, there is a mailing list on the GWDG's list server, which is open to all interested users: [[https://​listserv.gwdg.de/​mailman/​listinfo/​gwdg-mac|Mac Mailing List]]