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 +====== GWDG PPD Files ======
 +The PPD files for use with GWDG printers (color, black and white laser printers, and poster printers) are stored on the //​samba.gwdg.de//​ server, you can download the GWDG PPD file here:
 +[[http://​gwdg-print.gwdg.de/​GWDGPS.PPD| GWDGPS.PPD File]].\\ \\
 +Alternatively you may connect to the Samba server by chosing the Finder Menu "Go to" and then "​Connect to server"​ (or press the "​Apple"​ key and "​k"​)
 +In the new window, please enter the following URL:
 +{{ :​en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_printing:​ppd01.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Confirm by clicking the „Connect“ button.
 +A connection is now established,​ and a new window opens, asking for authentication. You do not need authentication in order to access the PPD files; simply choose the option "​Guest"​ and click "​Connect"​.
 +{{ :​en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_printing:​ppd02.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +Now the Volume „adobe-ps“ should mount on your desktop. You will need the file „gwdgps.ppd“ to use the GWDG postscript printers.
 +Copy the file to your hard drive and eject the volume (e.g. via drag and drop to the trash can).
 +{{ :​en:​services:​it_consulting:​apple_consulting_center:​mac_printing:​ppd03.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +If you need further PPD files for other printers, you can find them on the volume „adobe-ppd“. This can be mounted in the same way as shown above, with the URL %%smb://​samba2.gwdg.de/​adobe-ppd%%.