EndNote license

EndNote for the University of Göttingen (end of campus license)

Campus licence: The licence agreement for the use of the EndNote software (campus licence), which has been in force with the company Clarivate since 01.03.2011, ended on 29.2.2020. The possibility for employees and students of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen to acquire the EndNote bibliography programme from the company Clarivate, which existed until then, is no longer possible in its previous form. According to the licence conditions for the campus licence, the further use of this licence obtained via the GWDG is not permitted beyond 29.2.2020!

However, customers who have purchased this license as of 1.3.2019 can exchange it for an upgradeable purchased license.

Purchase licence: From 1.3.2020, employees and students of the Georg-August-University of Göttingen have the possibility to purchase a purchase licence Endnote. This is available for the operating systems Windows and Apple Macintosh exclusively in English.

Terms of Licenses

Employees of the University of Göttingen are entitled to use this website. Per user the installation of Endnote is allowed on three computers (incl. homeuse). The software can be used as long as the above mentioned membership exists. The software is upgradeable! Upgrades are subject to a fee and can be purchased on demand via https://gwdg.asknet.de/endnote by presenting the serial number of the previous version. The software may not be resold, rented, loaned or leased!


The price for an EndNote single-user license currently stands at € 169 plus VAT.


Orders for EndNote should be sent by email to the address support@gwdg.de with the subject “Ordering EndNote license”. Please indicate the number of licenses required, the operating system and the billing address. To prove your affiliation to the University of Göttingen you have to use a valid e-mail address of the university.

After receipt of the order the GWDG will send you the software and the invoice for the total amount.


Technical support for Endnote is available from Alfasoft: https://support.alfasoft.com/

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