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-====== Terms of participation ====== 
-===== Group of participants ===== 
-The courses offered by the GWDG are addressed to the employees of the institutes of the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Society, as well as from other scientific institutions that belong to GWDG´s extended user group. 
-===== Registration ===== 
-Registrations must be sent by writing 
-  * by fax at +49 551 201-2150 
-  * or via [[support@gwdg.de?​subject=Course Registration | e-mail]] with the subject "​Course Registration"​. ​ 
-  * or by letter to 
-GWDG\\ Kursanmeldung\\ Postfach2841\\ 37018 Göttingen 
-For the written registration a [[https://​www.gwdg.de/​documents/​20182/​32567/​kursanmeldung.pdf|form]] is available. Registrations by phone can´t be accepted due to the inclusion of the courses in GWDG´s quota system. **For this reason only a group manager - an authorized and notified person from the respective institute - or the managing director of the institute can make registrations!** The registration deadline is 7 days before the course starts. If there are free places after the registration deadline, even short-term registrations are possible in consultation with GWDG´s service hotline (Phone: +49 551 201-1523, e-mail: <​support@gwdg.de>​). 
-===== Costs and fees ===== 
-The courses - like most other services of the GWDG - are included in GWDG´s quota system. Therefore the so-called unit of works (AE) for the courses are deducted from the respective institute´s quota. For the institutes of the University of Göttingen and the Max Planck Society there is no billing in EUR. 
-===== Cancellation and course outage ===== 
-Cancellations by the participant or the associated group manager or executive directors may be made up to 8 days before the course starts. For later cancellations the calculated unit of works (AE) for the courses will be deducted from the institute´s quota. If a course has to be cancelled for any reason, e.g. if the minimum number of participants is not reached at registration deadline or because of a short-term illness of the course holder, we will attempt to notify the persons concerned in time. Therefore, care should be taken on complete address details incl. phone number and e-mail address when registering. Of course, the work units will not be charged in these cases. However, no further claims can accepted. 
-===== Course locations ===== 
-All courses are held on the premises of GWDG. The course room and the lecture room of the GWDG are located in the tower 5 and 6 of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Am Faßberg 11, 37077 Göttingen. Directions for GWDG and the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry as well as a map can be found [[http://​www.gwdg.de/​about-us/​contact | here]]. 
-===== In-house courses ===== 
-On request, and if there is sufficient interest, we also run courses on-site in the institute, if there is a suitable room with appropriate equipment. The additional costs incurred for the course holder travel, hotel and other expenses must be calculated separately. 
-===== Contact and Information===== 
-If you have any questions for course planning or requests for further courses please send an [[support@gwdg.de | e-mail ]] to our service hotline. If there is enough interest, we may possibly also offer courses that are not included in the current course program. 
-Current short-term information on the courses is to be found also in the [[en:​services:​general_services:​courses:​program | Course Program]].