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 +====== Library Service Aleph for the Max Planck Society ======
 +This service is available to all libraries in the Max Planck Society. You'll find a general [[https://​www.gwdg.de/​application-services/​library-service-aleph | description]] on our web site. If you are interested in using Aleph in your Max Planck institute library or if your library uses it already, find more detailled information below. ​
 +===== Aleph Wiki =====
 +Documentation and instructions as well as the download of the Aleph GUI client for MPS libraries you can find in the [[http://​alephwiki.gwdg.de | Aleph Wiki]] (in German language) which is collaboratively maintained by the MPS Aleph community. Access to this wiki is free within the MPS; for external access a password is needed. If you are a librarian in the MPS and need to access the wiki from outside your library'​s premises, please contact the [[aleph500@gwdg.de|GWDG Aleph staff]].
 +===== Shares for File Exchange =====
 +Files may be exchanged in the Working groups'​ Owncloud shares:
 +  * [[https://​owncloud.gwdg.de/​index.php/​s/​XI0bSilOIJbR5Ns | WebOPAC Working Group'​s Owncloud-Share]]
 +  * [[https://​owncloud.gwdg.de/​index.php/​s/​mAdTq0uy1ROTZLb | Setup Working Group'​s Owncloud Share]]
 +===== Aleph Online Catalogs in the Max Planck Society =====
 +Search for literature in a Max Planck institute library'​s [[http://​aleph.mpg.de/​F?​func=login&​CON_LNG=eng | Aleph OPAC]].
 +Find MPS-wide information on journals, eBooks, or electronic Resources in one of the central catalogs:
 +  * [[http://​aleph.mpg.de/​F?​func=file&​file_name=find-b&​local_base=ZMC01&​con_lng=eng | The Max Planck Society Journal Index]]
 +  * [[http://​ebooks.mpdl.mpg.de/​ebooks | The Max Planck Society eBooks Catalog]] (VuFind frontend)
 +  * [[http://​rena.mpdl.mpg.de/​rena/​ | MPG.ReNa]], the eResource Navigator of the Max Planck Society (VuFind frontend)
 +===== Central Aleph Coordination at the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL) =====
 +Please contact [[http://​www.mpdl.mpg.de/​21-specials/​71-aleph.html | MPDL]] for organisational issues, e.g. licensing or usage terms.
 +===== Mailing lists =====
 +  - **For all MPS libraries using the Aleph Server:** [[https://​listserv.gwdg.de/​mailman/​listinfo/​aleph-mpg|aleph-mpg@gwdg.de]]. It is recommended to every library within the MPS to subscribe to this list, as it is used not only for organisational issues like version upgrades, meetings or significant changes in the Aleph setup, but also for information about exceptional maintenance work or current disruptions in operation. Also, librarians can discuss questions of best practice via this list. To subscribe to this list, please visit the [[https://​listserv.gwdg.de/​mailman/​listinfo/​aleph-mpg | mailing list's web site]] or contact the [[aleph500@gwdg.de|GWDG Aleph staff]].
 +  - **For Aleph system librarians in the MPS** there are two specialised lists: [[https://​listserv.gwdg.de/​mailman/​listinfo/​aleph-setup | aleph-setup@gwdg.de]],​ which, besides special discussions of the Aleph setup, also distributes the messages of the Ex Libris support. Also, it is the communication platform for the Aleph Setup Group. [[https://​listserv.gwdg.de/​mailman/​listinfo/​aleph-web | aleph-web@gwdg.de]] is a mailing list for special issues around the Aleph web OPAC and its setup; also the Aleph Web OPAC group communicates via this list.
 +===== Aleph support at GWDG =====
 +For support requests please contact the  [[aleph500@gwdg.de | GWDG Aleph staff]] or the [[support@gwdg.de?​subject=Aleph|central GWDG Support with "​Aleph"​ in the subject line]].